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Kit for Transporting Your Two Wheel Hillam Vehicle

Kit £50.00

Post and Package Extra

The kit fits only Hillam Vehicles
on the Rear of your Vehicle.

To watch the Transporter being assembled

Click Here for Windows Machines

Click Here for Apple and Ipad Machines

To fit kit remove seat.
Put hooks on seat brackets=A
Remove Shafts and fit brackets= B for ratchet straps.
Lift trailer rear door to approx 10 to 10.

Hook vehicle on back door on lower cross bar already on trailer.

Fit linch pins=C

Secure ratchet strap through shaft brackets and strap to rear door=D

When strapped on in the down position, lift and shut door. It is recommended to put another ratchet strap round onto the trailer for extra support for safety. We recommend that you take the rein rail off and fit on insulation as used on copper pipe=E (Not supplied)