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Accessories /Extras

Picnic Basket £32.00
Quick release brackets for basket £10.00
Side Panels and Mudguards £100.00
Whip Holder £10.00
Adjustable Foot Rest £27.00
Spacer & Step £55.00

All exercise vehicles are professionally manufactured, designed by ourselves for our own use. They have rubber trailing arm soft ride suspension, adjustable axles, back rest and shafts. Painted black as standard - other colours available on request.

24” Wheels
£275.00 Per Pair
Tedex Webbing Harness From £270
30” Wheels £300.00 Per Pair Lux Marathon From £550
40” Wheels £365.00 Per Pair Eurotec From £650
48” Wheels £400.00 Per Pair Bow Top Whip £15
All wheels are clencher iron with rubber
Any wheel will fit any vehicle
Liverpool Stainless Bits
French Collars
From £175